Plan Approval & Engineering

With respect to the pertinent requirements of the developed Rules and Regulations, the National Legislation and IMO conventions and codes, the Plan Approval and Engineering division aims to evaluate all main drawings and studies of every marine structure such as marine vessels, floating docks, floating platforms etc.

Manned with skilled and experienced plan appraisal surveyors, the Plan Approval and Engineering division ensures the safety of every design and its potential impact to the environment. While staying close to the customers we simultaneously provide any consulting services that will lead to the path of safety and legality as fast as possible. Equipped with the latest technology we provide services that guarantee quick and responsible responses that ensure confidence and promote trust.

Indicatively the plan approval and engineering division provides examination, review and approval services on the following plans and calculations:

• Hull structure
• Longitudinal strength
• Transverse and local strength
• Structural stresses
• Fatigue and buckling analyses
• Cargo gear equipment
• Strength of metallic structures
• Finite element analyses
• Loading manuals
• Cargo securing manual
• Damage stability
• Propeller strength
• Shafting systems
• Propulsion systems
• Piping systems
• Steering systems
• Electrical systems
• Automation systems
• Fire protection
• Windlasses and winches
• Refrigeration
• Protection of marine environment
• Torsional vibration
• Certification of marine equipment

In addition to the services mentioned above Hellenic Register of Shipping undertakes the provision of certificates for the following:

•    Floating Wharves

It concerns the approval of floating wharves as well as the examination of their stability, floatability and anchorage by supplying relevant certificates.

•    Issuance of the Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate

The certification process is carried out in accordance with the NOx Technical Code issued by IMO. All certified engines are delivered with an individual Technical File that contains the engine’s specifications for compliance with the NOx regulation and the applicable onboard verification procedure.


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