What We Do

HRS is a non-governmental International Organization, dedicated to the safeguarding of life and property at sea, the prevention of marine pollution and the quality assurance in industry.

Since its foundation in 1919, Hellenic Register of Shipping (H.R.S.) has developed a network of survey offices worldwide, manned by exclusive surveyors.

H.R.S. serves the international maritime and industrial communities offering the following services:

1. Surveys and classification of all types of vessels and offshore installations.

2. Supervision and plan approval of newbuildings, conversions, and/or modifications of vessels, offshore installations, machinery, boilers and industrial components and materials.

3. Statutory surveys and issuance of relevant certificates on behalf of 28 Governments.

4. Safety Management Certification of ship Managing companies as well as their ships in compliance with the ISM Code.

5. Quality Systems certification in compliance with the ISO 9000 series standards.

6. Environmental Management Systems Certification against the ISO 14001 standard.

7. Publication and codification of technical rules and regulations.

8. Certification in compliance with International Ship & Port Facility Security Code.

9. HRS plays a leading role in the Research and Development of the maritime industry, participating in several research programs in cooperation with many Greek and foreign institutes.

10. Inspections and certification of ships and manning agencies according to Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006)."

The Society has signed official agreements with major international Classification Societies for mutual representation and exchange of technology.H.R.S. acts as a consultant to the Hellenic Ministry of Marine & Aegean Sea on technical matters and participates as the permanent technical adviser to the Greek IMO Delegation and to other governmental delegations.

Having expanded its services, HRS has succeeded to supervise the building of almost all kinds of metallic constructions in Greece and abroad, while it has been accredited as a Notified Body to inspect and certify a variety of products, i.e.: lifting appliances; scaffolds; pressure vessels; boilers; machines; recreational staff. Its activities in the industrial field are constantly expanding, following the increasing relevant requirements of the European Union and of the market.

Finally, the Society follows all developments in maritime legislation and marine technology and updates its technical personnel accordingly, keeping at the same time, close contact with its clients and informing them on the above matters.

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