IACS member IRS (INDIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING) and HRS (HELLENIC REGISTER OF SHIPPING) have signed an agreement enabling both Societies to work more closely together.

Each Society undertakes to act on behalf of the other Society in its country  and/or other places upon request of the owners/managers, for ships holding or intended to hold single class of the other Society and dual HRS/IRS class in respect of all Classification and Certification Surveys for ships under construction or in service,inspection&testing of materials, etc.

The agreement also includes provisions for close collaboration of the two Societies in Research and Rules development projects.

The agreement was formally signed by Mr. Arun Sharma – Chairman and M.D. of I.R.S. and Dr. Dionyssis  Kalophonos – Chairman & C.E.O. of H.R.S. 

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