Marine Services

Plan approval
With respect to the pertinent requirements of the developed Rules and Regulations, the National Legislation and IMO conventions and codes, the Plan Approval and Engineering division aims to evaluate all main drawings and studies of every marine structure such as marine vessels, floating docks, floating platforms etc.. >>more

Supervision and Certification of New Constructions and Conversions

A lot of ships have been built or have been converted under HRS supervision as this Society provides owners with the quality and speed of response they need and offers reliability through its expertise in plan appraisal. >>more

Type approval

All required procedures for providing Type Approval Certification are available. >>more

Service suppliers Approval

In order to ensure the quality of our services we offer a list of approved service suppliers that comply with our standards. >>more

Class Entry

For owners who wish to classify their vessels iwith our Society, HRS can ensure smooth and efficient transfer of class. >>more

Classification and Statutory Certification

HRS offers Classification Services based on HRS RULES and procedures and conducts all necessary surveys for HRS the maintenance of class.
In addition, performs statutory surveys and issues the relevant Certificates in accordance with the international Conventions on behalf of the flag Administration. >>more

Lifting Appliances

HRS is considered by independent assessments a competent organization to carry-out all necessary inspections and certification for Cargo Gear Arrangements operating in the marine environment. >>more

International Safety Management Code (ISM Code
Upon the implementation of the International safety management code (ISM), safe management and operation of ships and pollution prevention, HRS undertakes all relevant to achieve services to certify companies and their ships according to the provisions of the above mentioned code including both on board and ashore audits.>>more

International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS Code
Owners and operators of ships have the primary responsibility for ensuring the physical security - and safety, indeed - of their ships, and the new security measures are centered around the adopted ISPS Code. Part A of the ISPS Code is mandatory, whereas Part B of the ISPS Code has been adopted as a guidance and is recommended.>>more

ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

The Convention applies to all ships. Every ship of 500 GT or more that is engaged in international voyages or operates from a port or between two ports of another Member State must be certificated in accordance with MLC 2006. Hellenic Register of shipping has already undertaken inspections and issue MLC 2006 certificates as Recognised Organization acting on behalf of Flag Authorities. MLC 2006 Certificate must be attached by a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC).>>more
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